The SIVIS Group consisting of SIVIS GmbH and 2ndC has started work and continues to grow together. The first weeks and months were characterized by getting to know each other. We met in person in Germany and Denmark and exchanged thoughts and ideas in various meetings and privately at dinners. To know each other well and build up trust and openness towards the partner is an essential basis for us to work together successfully in the future.



SIVIS has acquired the Danish IAM company 2ndC.
Together, the two companies will combine their strengths to help customers get a better handle on their user lifecycles and security requirements. As a generalist in managing identities from different landscapes, 2ndC perfectly complements SIVIS' extensive SAP expertise. The combined offering provides customers with centralized orchestration for identities across the IT environment. A secure identity solution lays the foundation for ensuring that the customer's employees have all licenses, assets, and access from the first day of work. The suite integrates with all leading HR platforms on the market, and the combined group will be a leader in software security with more than 2.5 million identities under management.